|A History of Sound Collage| ~ Wet Sounds


An audio retrospective in two parts

Part 1  (41min)  |   Part 2 (65min)

 The program identifies three types of sound collages .

[] Sequential sound collage that uses an editing technique that is not dissimilar to film editing technique, which later developed also to Electroacoustic music. [most Musique Concréte, cut ups, Negativland, People Like Us, Cassetteboy etc]

[] Narrative sound collage that augments a particular rhythm, musical and narrative theme [some hip hop, bastard pop, 2manyDJs, dancefloor mash ups, most music that uses samples]

[] and … Simultaneous sound collage that superimposes layers of different musical and sound sources over each other simultaneously.

The last category is the one this podcast focuses on from the latter half of the 20th Century until today. The audio is more music than talk.

Music by: Spax, François Bayle, Mozart, Pierre Schaefer, Pierre Henry, Walter Ruttmann, Edgar Varese, Arthur Lyman, Charles Ives, Tristan Tzara, John Cage, , Nam June Paik, Stockhausen, Bernard Parmegianni, The Beatles, Timothy Leary and Ash Ra, Pink Floyd, The Residents, Christian Marclay, Wim Wenders, Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa, John Oswald, Marilyn Manson, Lionel Marchetti, Calibri Necrophile, Joseph Hammer and Joel Cahen. 

Published by: Jez Stevens

I am an artist working with video projection and installation, sound art and experimental electronic music. I have received several commissions for video and animation work to commemorate historical events and figures including Brunel (2006), The Victoria Cross (2007), Erik Satie (2008), Henry VIII (2009). My largest project to date, NO_DIVING (2008), was a self-commissioned Heritage Lottery Funded project to provide an immersive documentary event at a lido. This was awarded a £30,000 grant and ran for a year and culminated in a multi-projector immersive documentary projected onto the Lido itself. The project was designed to find and rescue long lost cine footage and directly involve the local community and education resources as well as forge links with local archives. The project was successful and an academic paper on the project was published in the Journal Of The Society Of Archivists. More recently I have spent time concentrating on creating and performing electronic/experimental music often as soundtrack to experimental film and video. In 2015 as one half of electronic due Echopet a live score with foley was played to a rare silent film called Terrors (1929) which included a tray of cay litter and a bagpipe player. In 2016 I was commissioned to create a video promo for avant garde DIY experimental musicians Renaldo And The Loaf. The video continues to gain views over a year later and combines dramatic and documentary elements. I am currently in the planning stages of costume and set design for their first live performance in 38 years.

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