Strange Attractor

Well here I am again hanging doors and wondering if my week could be any more random?
Yesterday: rendering a Victorian bay and discussing the possibility of starting a PhD. Went home with my head spinning and designed a effects processing bank in Ableton and a whole set of controls for my iPhone with TouchOSC.
Yesterday Evening: completely off the cuff went to see “cock rock” band Winger at the Wedgewood Rooms!
Saturday:live electronics and Celtic harp at a midnight installation
Sunday:driving to Flatpack Festival in Brum with the inestimable Belbury Social Club for an evening of public announcement films and hauntological electronica.

That still leaves the rest of today, Thursday and Friday for other weirdness. Bring it on!

Published by: Jez Stevens

Jez is an artist specialising in video projection and installation with an interest in sound art, noise and drone music. He has received several commissions to commemorate historical events and figures including Erik Satie, Henry VIII, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and The Victoria Cross. Jez currently runs and curates a quarterly event called SHNDG which features circuit bending, noise, experimental and electronica artists the event often includes live video performance and live film score work. Jez is also a specialist in reclaimation and restoration of antique and vintage glazing, doors and structural joinery.

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