The Rise and Rise of the Police State…

… But Alan johnson says the police will carry on with its Stop and Search policy in this country. The subtext here is that the UK has the largest DNA database in the world (eg 75% of all male African Caribbeans have had their DNA sampled as a result of often unwarranted stop and search policy). Despite the european court ruling – and under the guise of anti terrorism we are being herded into a high tech police state. Any dictator worth their salt would love it!

Published by: Jez Stevens

Jez is an artist specialising in video projection and installation with an interest in sound art, noise and drone music. He has received several commissions to commemorate historical events and figures including Erik Satie, Henry VIII, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and The Victoria Cross. Jez currently runs and curates a quarterly event called SHNDG which features circuit bending, noise, experimental and electronica artists the event often includes live video performance and live film score work. Jez is also a specialist in reclaimation and restoration of antique and vintage glazing, doors and structural joinery.

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