“We stink of bonfire…”

Shindig! at the Artful Lodge was one of the most enjoyable nights out I’ve had in years. The proceedings kicked off with Mr Jack(anory) “Landmass” Packer playing Krautrock twinged, breakbeat electronica and on the wall we had  “Bill and Tony” and “Towers Open Fire” (Burroughs and Balch). There were moments of lurching breakbeat reminiscent of Haunted Dancehall (Sabres Of Paradise) crossed with a return to classic Tangerine Dream hypnotic syncopation.

After a short intermission we were treated to an improvised sound piece from Little Creature. “Le Tempestaire” (Epstein) showed on wall whilst Little Creature conjured  waves of drone from an array of equipment that looked liked someone had steamrollered the contents of a tour bus and had left them scattered on the ground. We had actually run out of table space (fortunately Little Creature likes playing on the floor) The rewired and restrung remains of a smashed guitar were bowed and the output was turned into icicles of feedback. White noise washed back and forwards seemingly in time with the storm waves smashing on the cliffs in the film.  As the young woman meets the meteorologists in the film the sound suddenly lurched into more obviously electronic sound perfectly suiting the artificial and wooden performances by the weathermen. And then a return to more magical drone and off kilter rhythms as the Storm Master is consulted and slowly as his and Little Creatures magic worked the storm abated and the sailor returns to his love. Video clips are here and here

After a short break and a visit to the smoky bonfire in the garden we returned to a room illuminated only by a large goose. Dogeeseseegod, and their goose,  stood over the contents of a table which was covered with guitar pedals, candlesticks, cymbals, cassette players and homemade electronics. Dogeeseseegod wrenched howls and drones from their equipment, microphones and throat mics and at the mid-point the candlesticks were pushed roughly round the table punctuating the drone with odd arrhythmic patterns. Shortly after this a Pan Sonicesque pulsing of electronic noise took over bringing a more accessible  form to the noise. Slowly the electronics were wound up to fever pitch and just as gently let go to the close of the set. There’s a short video clip online here.

Then we came to Mr. Heartfields set – played to his own film montage. As we have come to expect Si Heartfield’s is synchronised with machine-like precision to his images. The film and music for Shindig was culled from previous sets at the Lodge and A Thousand Plateaus. Si’s films are reminescent of Scanners reels and mix up woodland, urban, science and technical material providing the perfect background for the journey along which his audio mix travels. Starting off with soft pads and moving through ticking rhythms Si builds up an hypnotic, pulsing sound which morphs and twists. It’s often difficult , if not impossible , to actually tell when one track finishes and another starts – the same is true of the video.

Another swift smoky sub-zero break in the garden and we were into MC Grandmas set. Another modder and DIY noisemonger. MC Grandma (aka Rusty Sheriff) had decided that he wanted to inprovise a set to live visual and so, with yours truly at the controls, we embarked on a mish-mash disco set extracted from theremin, vocodor and modified record player. At such short notice, even though I’m normally play from an “unprepared” position I found there was a lag between ideas in both directions – either I was ahead of Rustys ideas or he was a head of  mine. As we both agreed, the last time we were in this situation 3 years ago, that we really ought to make some time to , if not rehearse, then jam a set. Food for thought there.

…and onto Gasman who was set to play some new material. After an irksome and untraceable earth loop in the main room we moved Gasman to play in the shed outside. With his signature fractured breaks, jazz stabs and complex repetitive piano parts Gasman cooked the smoky garden into a frenzy. It was a pleasure to have the Gasman along and we both agreed that the Shindig was an ideal for him to play in Portsmouth , away from the posturing of the more typical club/pub environment.

the frenzy generated by Gasman hit a kind of plateau and at this point the baton was taken on by Mr. Foot and Basil at the decks. Playing their usual mix of jazzy detroit grooves the shindig carried us off into the early hours and for some, oblivion.

All in all , a splendid evening. Just as I like it, an unfussy informal arrangement amongst like-minded individuals and performers. No great egos , no posturing and a total absence of narrow-mindedness.

Ideas for the future include:

inclusion of local film and video artists, more live performance in the garden, more video in the garden, expanding the evening to a day, expansion into the park, invitations to higher profile artists.

Published by: Jez Stevens

I am an artist working with video projection and installation, sound art and experimental electronic music. I have received several commissions for video and animation work to commemorate historical events and figures including Brunel (2006), The Victoria Cross (2007), Erik Satie (2008), Henry VIII (2009). My largest project to date, NO_DIVING (2008), was a self-commissioned Heritage Lottery Funded project to provide an immersive documentary event at a lido. This was awarded a £30,000 grant and ran for a year and culminated in a multi-projector immersive documentary projected onto the Lido itself. The project was designed to find and rescue long lost cine footage and directly involve the local community and education resources as well as forge links with local archives. The project was successful and an academic paper on the project was published in the Journal Of The Society Of Archivists. More recently I have spent time concentrating on creating and performing electronic/experimental music often as soundtrack to experimental film and video. In 2015 as one half of electronic due Echopet a live score with foley was played to a rare silent film called Terrors (1929) which included a tray of cay litter and a bagpipe player. In 2016 I was commissioned to create a video promo for avant garde DIY experimental musicians Renaldo And The Loaf. The video continues to gain views over a year later and combines dramatic and documentary elements. I am currently in the planning stages of costume and set design for their first live performance in 38 years.

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3 thoughts on ““We stink of bonfire…””

  1. What an awesome night of brain mulching outsider artssss! The venue is grand and thinking your the only people locked in this park in the middle of pompey town only adds to the atmos… More please jez you did a good thingy.

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